RDP Wrapper Confg Update

All we now about RDP Wrapper Library and then windows 10 get new update, you see this in RDP Wrapper:
Yes, RDP Wrapper not supported OS afer update. What to do? - update configuration file, or add support. I am creater tool which makes it easy and quick =)

- Start (via admin)
* if program not detect full OS version, you mast enter her

add 437, to get something '10.0.17763.437', and press 'Ok'
* if program not detect configuration file, select him.
- program sey "Attention! we could not find configuration for 10.0.17763.437 system!" and you ned update configuration file.
* if you unchack chackbox 'Find in all sources', enabeled dropdown menu this sources (web sources of rdpwrap.ini).
there is a file with the program, named 'sources.txt', in this file you can add your opnen source
* if you wont set chackbox on 'Make backup', for make backup of configuration file.
- Press on button 'Update'
Be happy =), prograam sey 'We successfully update rdpwrap.ini :)'

Now your OS is fully supported =)
Good luck!

* program scaning web sources this settings
* if something goes wrong or would you like more information press on 'log' (bottom right), for open log file.
* If you need to use your sources.txt file, named him lsources.txt
* Here is a list of resources from which the program takes information sources.txt



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